Summary of Qualifications

With over five years of experience developing inbound marketing strategies, crafting content and managing social media channels, I help clients in all industries set themselves apart from their competitors, drive website traffic and conversions, improve search engine rankings and delight their customers all while helping them achieve their unique business goals. Proficient in marketing strategy, content creation, SEO, social media, marketing analytics, marketing automation, account management and project management along with advanced knowledge of tools like HubSpot, MailChimp and Canva.

Marketing Experience


Inbound Consultant, November 2018 to Present

  • Worked with HubSpot customers on a range of projects to deliver marketing, sales and services strategies
  • Helped my customers understand the value of HubSpot and learn how to use the tools to their full potential

Clariant Creative Agency

Content Writer (Freelance), February 2017 to Present

  • Researched, created and executed the agency’s marketing plan, increasing website visits by 46% and leads by 54% in five months
  • Developed the Clariant Creative content style guide, helping every writer on the team stick to a consistent brand voice
  • Researched and created Clariant Creative’s buyer personas to help drive our marketing efforts
  • Developed the processes handbook to standardize how we provide services to clients
  • Created quarterly editorial calendars for blogging, which increased blog views by 59% in five months Worked with employees, freelancers and interns to develop content for the Clariant Creative blog
  • Created monthly and quarterly inbound marketing reports that showed the value of inbound marketing to our clients
  • Researched and wrote the agency’s two pillar pages (topics: content strategy and pillar pages)
  • Reoptimized underperforming Clariant Creative blog posts for new target keywords, increasing blog views between 30-200% while dramatically improving keyword rankings
  • Strategized, researched and wrote numerous content upgrades, e-books and guides for both Clariant Creative and our clients
  • Developed Clariant Creative’s social media strategy and created content for each channel Monitored all social media channels and engaged with followers
  • Regularly conducted keyword research to help clients improve their rankings in search engines

Advanced Recovery Systems

Freelance Copywriter, December 2015 to August 2017

  • Wrote blogs on a variety of topics including substance use disorders, addiction, drug withdrawal, inpatient treatment services, rehab, eating disorders, mental health and more

Landscape Leadership

Copywriter, July to October 2016

  • Regularly interviewed clients to get background information for blogs, guides and e-books
  • Wrote a variety of content pieces including blogs, tip sheets, e-books and website copy for clients in the lawn care and landscaping industries

Square 2 Marketing

Copy Architect, December 2015 to June 2016

  • Researched and wrote blogs, emails, e-books, white papers, tip sheets and website content for four to six B2B clients
  • Reoptimized previous blogs and website pages for new keywords to help clients improve their rankings in search engines
  • Conducted in-depth keyword research and created keyword strategies for clients
  • Developed and wrote copy for components of the marketing plan including the remarkables differentiation deck, voice and tone document and website concepts to help clients stand out in their industries
  • Developed a content strategy at the beginning of every quarter – which included target keywords, blog topics, campaign topic and social media posts – to help guide our content marketing efforts

Front Burner Marketing

Freelance Account Manager, October 2015 to January 2016

  • Provided freelance marketing services including account management, creation of marketing plans, working with vendors on web development and content development

Impulse Creative

Inbound Marketing Consultant, April 2014 to July 2015

  • Worked with a strategist to develop quarterly campaigns to help clients hit their business goals Developed an editorial calendar for blogs every quarter
  • Created content for quarterly campaigns including blogs, e-books, white papers, guides, landing pages and more lead nurturing emails
  • Implemented campaigns in HubSpot by setting up emails, setting up automation sequences, creating landing pages, designing templates and more
  • Routinely monitored client analytics and created monthly reports that showed the progress we were making toward their goals
  • Served as an account manager for five to seven B2B and B2C clients in a variety of industries

HubSpot Certifications

Inbound Certification

  • April 2014 to Present

Marketing Software Certification

  • June 2014 to Present

Design Certification

  • August 2014 to Present

Contextual Marketing Certification

  • October 2014 to Present

Delivering Client Success Certification

  • June 2014 to Present

Content Marketing Certification

  • July 2014 to Present

Email Marketing Certification

  • February 2018 to Present

Social Media Certification

  • August 2018 to Present

HubSpot Sales Software Certification

  • December 2018 to Present